Concept: a case that would make the iWatch the iPod from zero

A developer for Design Lab Joyce Kang has published conceptual images of the case for smart watches iWatch. According to the authors, the accessory was created for those who misses zero and especially for iPod Nano.

The overall design of the iWatch in the case from the Design Lab will repeat the style of the first generation iPod Classic, but due to the colour display and a more compact housing it will still be closer to the iPod Nano. Sam Kang commented on his own project:

My task was to create a case that could repeat the design of the legendary iPod Classic. I am sure that the new form which it will give hours of iWatch will allow users to see this device on the other side and re-discover it.

As for the technical aspect, ceramic back panel of the case retains the possibility of wireless charging the iWatch. For full compliance the classic iPod case has physical buttons (they are made for aesthetic reasons, but will be able to work when you connect the device via Bluetooth to other gadgets), and for greater convenience, use the bracelet, allowing to wear the watch in such case will be the most convenient.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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