Consumer reports found 10 references to the new switch cellular data to control

Apple is considering to add 10 new iOS to the switch for data exchange over the mobile network. It is reported by the developer Andrew Wilk, who studied the code of the operating system.

At this point in the control of 10 iOS five standard buttons: airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, do Not disturb and lock rotation of the screen. Users cannot change their order or add new switches. Opening Wilk suggests that in the final version Apple will put on the sixth panel switch for cellular data. If the sending of data no need for cellular connection, you can disable that will allow you to save money and battery power.

“Apple finally give us the switch cell data, about which we dream? (for some reason the icons yet),” wrote Wilk in his Twitter.

Developer found in iOS 10 the new framework ControlCenterUI, inside of which is the class CCUICellularDataSetting. Running the OS inside the emulator, he brought to the command the sixth icon, without icon.

In accordance with the new design concept, the buttons in control center iOS 10 highlighted with different colors – orange, blue, red. Toggle cellular data needs to be green. The switch will allow you to disable apps to download and send information over the mobile network. For data transfer you can use the Wi-Fi network.

Recall, iOS 10 was submitted on 13 June at WWDC 2016. Interesting pieces there was quite a lot of new lock screen widgets, improved Photos app, Apple Music, Maps, new features in iMessage, revised notice. Detailed instructions for installing iOS 10 you will find here.

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