Cook vs. Buka: Apple CEO criticized the new Microsoft Surface

No sooner had the iPad Pro to outdo its rival Google out of the camp, as the attack (this time verbally) were subjected to a different opponent. The other day the head cupertinos Corporation spoke about the new Microsoft SurfaceBook designed to give Apple’s long-awaited battle on the field and productive mobile computing solutions premium.

According to the resource DesignTrend with reference to the edition of The Irish Independent, held recently in Trinity Gollege meeting with students Apple CEO Tim cook was criticized by the product of the main competitor in the market of computer operating systems (the mobile systems market, of course, hardly feels the presence of Redmond as such). Cook’s main claim was excessive versatility of the device with which it is so zealously has positioned Microsoft.

This product has taken on a lot, shared thoughts of the famous top Manager. ā€” Surface tries to be a tablet PC and a laptop at the same time, but unfortunately, cannot cope with neither the one nor the other.

Of course, to spoil relations with the sworn friends of Tim in the plans is not included. In his view, the two companies have established a very good relationship, as evidenced by the willingness of Microsoft to cooperate with longtime rival ā€” to recall the presentation of the iPad Pro, where representatives of the software giant demonstrated optimized version of Office. Apple CEO even praised the Redmond team, appreciating her achievements in business.

It’s curious that the more Microsoft sees Surface as a competitor to the popular MacBook Pro series, rather than an alternative to the new cupertinos tablet. Cook also shared their own experiences from the past, telling that the gadget completely changed his preferences in this area. So, instead of the laptop businessman takes exactly iPad Pro thanks to the detachable keyboard and the traditionally high autonomy of the gadget is perfectly suited for travel and trips.

In General both devices received a very interesting response from the media, obviously not obdelava new items. Major problems Surface Book called the battery life and (relatively) high cost, while a stumbling block for iPad can be advanced, but still “mobile” operating system. However, not so long 2010, the latter was much easier from any point of view, however, did not prevent the iPad to become the forefather of a new generation of planetary computers.

But which gadget would you choose?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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