Country Tokelau record for the number of sites. How come

Edition ZDnet drew attention to the unusual statistics — the tiny island nation of Tokelau, a record number of Internet addresses.

For each country stipulated in the national top-level domain. For example, for Russia it is .ru, for Germany .de. Usually the number of Internet users in proportion to the number registered in this segment of the domain (i.e., Internet addresses).

But in the case of Tokelau such a relationship is not working. The territory formally under the control of New Zealand, consists of only three Islands with a population of about 1,500 people.

At the same time, in its national domain .tk was more than 21 million Internet sites. This is more than in Chinese .cn (20.8 million), German .de (16.2 million) and the British .uk (11,9) million By the way, in Russian .EN about 5 million addresses. The data gathered by the British national recorder — the full version of the infographic available here.

The secret of populyarnosti tk-domain simple — registration free for the user and does not carry an annual fee. The idea of the state, it can improve the perception of Tokelau in the world and attract the attention of foreign companies.

Another interesting observation of the study — registration activity in North Korea. So, the total number of domains in the zone .kp increased to 29 for 2018 added to the list of five addresses.

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Clifton Nichols

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