Crack backup iOS 10 on normal computer in a few minutes

Call in the Apple iOS 10 major OS update for iPhone and iPad for all time of its existence. In addition to the updated lock screen, notification Center and some standard applications of the new OS got at least one useful feature: hack the saved backups the iPhone and iPad has become much easier.

This was stated by the experts of the Russian company Elcomsoft, which developed tools for hacking Apple gadgets. According to them, the new generation of iOS has changed as the methods of protection of information and the format in which to save the backup devices. Study of a new method of protection has allowed the application Elcomsoft Phone Breaker to substantially increase the speed of attacks compared with the attack carried out on backups of iOS 9.

From the point of view of experts, data extraction from devices running iOS 10 is possible only in two ways: by creating a backup of the data and its subsequent analysis or download a backup from iCloud. In both cases, it can be difficult. So, for downloading information from the “cloud” you must specify a password for your Apple ID account or use the authentication token extracted from the user’s computer.

The use of token authentication allows you to bypass another potential problem – the protection method of two-factor authentication.

If local backup is protected with password, to decrypt you will need to specify the correct password. If the user once set a password on the backup, to reset or change this password; again, you need to recover the original password.

Backup iOS have an interesting feature: the data from the protected storage keychain can be extracted only from backups that were encrypted with a password.

The decision of the Russian developers allows you to download backups of iOS devices 10 from the “cloud” iCloud, and recover the original password with which the encrypted local backup.

After decoding the local backup, password protected, all user data, including information from the protected storage keychain (passwords to mail accounts, social networking, passwords, Wi-Fi and more.

iOS 10 is arranged in such a way that the selection of the required combination of letters and numbers will take much less time than the same procedure in iOS 9. Moreover, according to experts, the difference is about 2,500 times. In other words, if the selection of the password on iOS 9 could hold 2880 minutes, to hack iOS in less than 10 minutes.

In Elcomsoft explained that because such “software” iOS 10 for hacking for backups, you can use an ordinary computer with an ordinary CPU like Intel Core i5. In one second you can pick up about 6 million passwords. However, such hacking backups can be done remotely.

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