Creative unveiled the new Sound Blaster in Mosque review

September 17, Moscow hosted the Russian presentation of new products Creative.For three decades they create a variety of sound card and other similar solutions for personal audio, but such a wide scattering of diverse products user been pleased.

If you go during the presentation itself, it should start with “home sound card” Sound Blaster X7. This, of course, USB-DAC, and there are all the necessary inputs and outputs for connecting passive or active acoustics, connectors for headphones and microphone, separate 6,3 mm headphone output more, shall we say, professional class. There are even Bluetooth with aptX codec support and the ability to control the settings of the X7 directly from your smartphone. Why do I need it? So you can put the Sound Blaster X7 in the living room, near the TV, connect all necessary devices playback of multimedia content and not to worry at least about one control panel. In fact, X7 is a center user of the multimedia system, which are not tied to specific tasks, but able to provide high level audio for people who sound quality is really important, but not at the level of “rampant audiophilia”.

To X7, by the way, a special column up to reveal almost the full potential of the device (well I can not be called a “audiomatica” cute piece for 400-450 conventional European units, although, it seems, know how to please yourself in the new year). Shelf acoustics index XM7 can be found on sale under the brand name E-MU at the price of 300 all in the same European banknotes. Russian prices for the whole assortment at the moment, as you can understand, are under discussion for obvious reasons to all of us.

Our range of professional gaming headsets, the Sound Blaster X is designed to provide the user with… hmm… the highest quality of sound environment in a wide variety of entertainment applications. That was the most understandable for people, who prefer casual games slasher on the smartphone (well, even CS:GO run sometimes, I confess), I would like to note the almost total indestructibility devices of a new line, excellent fit on the head and superior soundproofing. Although it was quite scary at first to see how brutally unbend to outright state headband new H7 (160.e) H5 (130.e) and H3 (70.e).

By the way, for lovers of quality gaming audio “portable” external sound cards in-ear headset G5 and P5. Users will have access to all the same decisions to create sound profiles for different game genres, that of the “surface” of the family with the letter H.

But in the segment of portable speakers everything is much clearer. Demonstrated Roar 2, a review of the previous generation device, you can read on our site. Showed the column Free compact splash-proof, hands-free, cylindrical in strict accordance with the trends (smile).

But the most memorable baby Woof 3 — for $ 50 they sound really good. And yet all speakers are able to work as a music player (microSD slot available, you can listen and mp3, wav, and flac), support for aptX Bluetooth, functioning in the role of speakerphones and have line inputs.

This also is attributed and invoice wireless stereo headset Outlier — possible the same, to break hard, sound — first “look” is very personal for the likely price tag of $ 100.

I would love to be told about beautiful Aurvana In-Ear Plus where to and without that curious headset earbuds added functionality, I find it more interesting was an item called BT-W2. This USB dongle that allows you to pair with bluetooth devices (for the most part — Creative) by pressing a single button and works great with aptX Low Latency codec. If you are not familiar with this codec, good sound for a wireless BT Protocol you have not heard. This dongle works both with Mac and Windows, and with the PS4 — it’s an interesting solution, although seemingly very simple. Yes, and “regular” bluetooth is already built everywhere. But no wonder a number of manufacturers aksessuarami puts in the kit to the own devices, transceivers and connection process quicker and generally operate less.

Oh, and remember this line — Fatal1ty? So, although Pro-gamer departed from Affairs, but the idea of a cheap but decent gaming device lives. Now, under the Blaze brand. To survive (if here and I had to endure) no, the equipment will remain at the same level on all quality parameters and performance characteristics.

At the moment we have seen the device only in the visual area where to reveal all their capabilities often did not work for quite objective reasons — they do not resemble the hall a day or two, listen to a collection of your favorite Blues artists in a relaxed atmosphere and certainly will not go on a picnic (fall sort began to improve), but first impressions enough, to understand what products were successful (except gaming solutions to appreciate I can’t — not mine -). Subsequently, I hope, will be able to introduce you to the most interesting solutions in the field of personal sound Creative — there is something to look at closely, believe me.

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