Creator of Android Andy Rubin will start work on the world’s first “emotional” smartphone

Work on a new type of smartphone will startup Essential Products, led by the Creator of the Android operating system, Andy Rubin.

According to the idea of a ruby, the new smartphone will be based on artificial intelligence technology. The device will recognize facial expressions and to read his mood, which will allow him more individual approach to his needs. The design of the future device is also going to be very different from the traditional: he will have a relatively small screen and all control gadget will be implemented through voice commands.

As for the startup Essential Products, in recent years, its share of setbacks. Not long ago he suspended development of home voice assistant, and previous smartphone was a flop — users, showed low interest in mobile device due to its similarity with other phones. Before Andy Rubin decided to focus their team on creating the “emotional” smartphone, Essential Products even considered the transition to larger corporations in the market of mobile devices.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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