“Criminal Russia”: the crime of our time

Corruption, organized crime, embezzlement and abuse of officials – from all this you can ignore, living in a vacuum of their own interests. But people with active citizenship prefer to follow the course of events in the country and to take active part in public life and the fight against its negative manifestations.

It is for these since 2009 she has worked information project “Criminal Russia”, covering criminal subjects from the standpoint of impartiality and objectivity (this ideology adheres to the project team).

In late January the application from the “Criminal Russia” for iOS and Android, which we’ve previously reported, has received a significant update. In version 1.2 has undergone a few changes the program’s interface is becoming more friendly, in particular the opportunity to update the content in the news feed by swiping down. Fixed issues with localization, and there are several desired functions.

The app became available push notifications, so you always stay updated with the latest news. Added landscape orientation, allowing you to view news feed in landscape mode. According to the developers, these innovations won’t be the last that are waiting for users in the near future.

Continuous work on improving the quality of content recently, the publication began to publish more investigative journalism, mainly anti-corruption focus.

The functionality of the application does not contain anything superfluous — 12 thematic sections, as well as additional categorization for the stories, events and newsmakers.

Any published material you can easily share with other users in social networks and messengers. In addition to the “basic kit” – Facebook, Vkontakte and Twitter, the application provides the opportunity to tell my friends the latest news with Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp and Viber. In addition, any article can be added to “favorites”. There is an English version – the language change is done by pressing icon from any page of the application.

Video “Criminal Russia”, available in the app contains many videos, and in category of surveys you can participate in the discussion of current events in the context of publication.

The app is free to download in the App Store and Google Play. A very useful widget for those who want to learn a lot of interesting and new.

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