Crooks lure the passwords from the Apple ID, informing about the virus in the database, iTunes

Experts of antivirus company ESET warned of a new attack focused on users ‘ iTunes accounts, reading mail from your computer or mobile device. The scammers are sending on behalf of Apple message about the virus in the database iTunes.

Experts have received several samples of the spam. All the letters reported on the virus in the database iTunes and the urgent need to cross-check personal data and Bank details. Otherwise the service account will be suspended.

Scammers scare lock iTunes account

The link from the letter the user navigates to a phishing site imitating the start page of iTunes Connect fields, enter the Apple ID and password. Here you can enter any data is a fake website does not recognize the fraud and will redirect to the page “confirm your account iTunes.

Experts recommend to ignore spam and to use anti-virus software with the function of “Phishing”. Fake emails on behalf of Apple can be mailed to the address [email protected]

Commenting on reports of a phishing attack, Apple said that the iTunes Store will never ask for personal information or sensitive account information (such as passwords or credit card numbers) via email. Email messages that contain attachments, or links to third-party web sites, sent by the company, although it may seem that their sender is iTunes. Under any circumstances you should not enter your account information Apple on any third party web sites.

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