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Drag racing was not originally the most popular and understandable to ordinary people car action: two cars going (plus or minus) in a straight line, no dynamics, drive and beacon lights in the rear view mirror. But over time – thanks to “fast and Furious” and his friends, “drive straight” has become a popular thing: you remember how puffed, switching transmission in NFS? In the world of mobile gaming, which is known to be a reflection of the world a console is a computer, a drag race is dedicated to a separate series of games that you almost certainly ever played CSR Racing.

Pretty stupid, but amazingly addictive arcade game where the whole gameplay is reduced to two buttons and one. A full sequel CSR Racing has long been in the status of the soft-launch (played only Filipinos), and now finally a full-fledged “abilitiesa” – the game already downloaded some scary amount of people in the communities there are heated debates, in General the birth of a new hit. Which, of course, not as simple as it seems.

CSR Racing 2 welcoming urban landscape, in the middle of which two puff of the supercar – one of them give you: now you will race. You come to the finish, and it’s a mess: cars are stolen, the team scattered, all over again. Typical, textbook an introduction to racing – this was more than a dozen times. To restore justice, we need to race with other teams who felt your credibility will help. But you’re not here to play, right?

The tachometer needle is thrashing about, trying to stay in the green zone – your car is ready to tear, but for a strong start to squeeze the grip, otherwise the start of the race will be blurry. Then pull the gear knob is too exclusively in the green zone. By the car control is not necessary; two mini-games – all gameplay. Races do not last more than 15-30 seconds, and during this time the screen can be touched three or four times – if you have in mind now swept a string of unpleasant words, Yes, it is. CSR Racing 2 is a mobile hit, glued all the laws fritupleya. To expect complex gameplay here – all the same what to demand KFC is Haute cuisine. Will not give. But if you knock down the internal bar – delicious.

The main work in CSR Racing 2 is, of course, not on the track and beyond. The car needs to be updated, you to tune in the garage and seek out rare items. The second – most interesting: you can adjust the tire pressure, determine the volume of nitrous injection, to adjust the transmission. Tuning is not for show: after shuffling machine truly behaves differently; in drag racing, where every second counts, this can be the main condition for victory.

As is customary in the shareware games to earn upgrades and new machines very hard, but interesting. At your disposal a variety of modes, from story to online all races and occasional cups. You can all tear in career mode, but quickly run into a wall of misunderstanding: the opponent will just go into space in three seconds after launch. Therefore, the key to success in CSR Racing 2 – master more or less everything.

By pushing the many achievements and bonuses that the game generously scatters. Has won ten races in online mode? Keep lotion rare! Scored the most points of respect? Get a cash prize! A separate motivational component – the clans. If you join to some team, you can feel the powerful burden of responsibility on me hope. Well, always nice to see your name on the top of the charts, albeit a virtual game.

The problem in all of this, one in a CSR Racing 2 must either play a few hours a day, with strict breaks, or pay. Otherwise it will be uninteresting – no interruptions the game will quickly run into the timings, and no regular races will stagnate. Yet CSR Racing 2 there are a number of problems with content for higher level players – with time just doing nothing. On this, however, probably work hard.

We deliberately did not write anything about graphics, because gameplay screenshots make it clear – it is beautiful just forbidden. If you have a more modern technique, the graphics will be pleasantly surprised – real smoke from under the wheels, sparkling chrome, expensive cars, beautiful animation and backgrounds. May not be the most technically advanced game on iOS, but definitely one of.

In relation to CSR Racing 2 you have to understand one thing – this is a classic mobile hit with all the ensuing. Completely flat and mindless game, Yes, but at the same time – very addictive, beautiful and popular. Do not expect here to get high level in, say, rally racing – CSR Racing 2 about something else entirely. About to snatch victory, beating the enemy half a centimeter, about to bring his clan into the top ten, about to put all the state in an online race, where without it – with a sinking heart wait, what to do will be bought for all the money in the box.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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