DaisyDisk — for those who keep your Mac clean

The lack of free space on the computer often becomes a major headache for owners of Mac with SSD 128 GB, 256 GB or 512 GB. To free up a few extra gigabytes of garbage, of course, you can begin to delete unnecessary files manually, but it is much better to use a special utility, because the so-called “hidden gigabytes” a normal user to check not in condition (for example, the Aperture library took me 123 GB). In search of a solution to this problem I found one of the best programs in this direction — DaisyDisk.

After running the utility will automatically scan your computer for storage and possible cleaning not only primary drive, but even external media. The scan can take from 10 seconds to several minutes depending on the amount of disk space used.

Soon you will see how many gigabytes is really used on the Mac, and, most importantly, who is the most “voracious”. You can travel to different sections and see the amount of space a particular program. I, for example, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom “eats” more than one Gigabyte.

Want to get rid of unnecessary files? No problem. Just drag and drop them to the bottom left corner, and DaisyDisk can calculate, how much your computer will be “roomier” after their removal.

The file structure is not in vain is shown in the form of multilevel diagrams. Just move the cursor to any sector to learn its size and the name of the program that it is. Very convenient if you want to rid yourself of a long search for file folders.

In General, the best solution to clean Mac than DaisyDisk, you are unlikely to find (except that CleanMyMac), but DaisyDisk will cost much cheaper. You can download a copy for free from the official website or purchase in the Mac App Store at the link below.

Title: DaisyDisk
Publisher/developer: Software Ambience Corp.
Price: 599 RUB.
In-app purchases: No
Compatibility: OS X
Link: Set

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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