DDoS attack! Google has removed 300 dangerous apps from Google Play

Recently Google has removed 300 applications from Google Play. Games and programs that at first glance did not present a danger, actually secretly captured Android device to provide the traffic for large scale DDoS attacks. It is reported by Gizmodo.

Bot nicknamed WireX has attracted the attention of security staff in the content delivery network Akamai, when it was used to attack. Akamai was amazed by the traffic of hundreds of thousands of IP addresses.

Noticing the attack on one of its customers, Akamai has attracted researchers from several technology companies including Cloudflare, Flashpoint, Google, Oracle Dyn, RiskIQ and Team Cymru. They believe that the infected devices are distributed in over 100 countries.

“We have identified about 300 infected applications blocked them in the Play Store, and remove them from all affected devices,” reads the statement of the representative of Google. “The researchers’ findings in combination with our own analysis has allowed us to better protect Android users everywhere.”

In such applications, provided various apparently legitimate services, and hidden malware could use the Android device for secret participation in a DDoS attack, if the phone was turned on. It is unclear how many smartphones were infected, but one researcher from Akamai told the journalist Brian Krebs that that number could be around 70 000.

Malicious apps appear in Google Play is quite private. Earlier this month, the store found a few applications that contained hidden software, it was possible to observe the users. In connection with the constant danger of contamination of the device, it is necessary to check the developers and to limit access to programs smartphone.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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