Decent Chinese answer to Apple Watch — a myth or reality?40 comments

What to hide — many people want the Apple Watch . And those who say otherwise are just afraid to admit it. But in the current economic situation to buy a watch from Apple for many quite problematic. The price is acceptable, the model starts from 32 thousand rubles, which is pretty expensive, even by Moscow standards. So we decided to break tradition and look in the direction of the Chinese segment to answer the question: can watch from China become a worthy replacement for the Apple Watch?

What we primarily expect from smart watches? Pedometer, water resistant, sleep monitoring, support for social networks. Since Apple has allowed support for third-party accessories for its smartphones, the choice has become much more. So we can safely review hundreds of offers from online stores and to look for a device that will be cheaper and with little to give in hours from Apple in terms of functionality.

In budget watches (otherwise what’s the point) we stumbled upon UIefone uWear smart watches that connect to iPhone via Bluetooth.

Most of all we were attracted by the price of only 29 dollars, as well as positive reviews from customers. Well and the fact that without the discount, this watch cost 50 dollars, played a role. On the picture look almost identical to the design of the Apple Watch.

Well, let’s see, whether so it actually — we ordered up a copy and eagerly waiting for it to reach our newsroom. Then we will review and tell you about their experiences.

But for now let’s exchange the experience — what are some good alternatives to Apple Watch know (or do) you? Tag Heuer and Breguet not to offer.

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