Denon AH-GC20 — less wires, more sound

What should be a good pair of headphones with noise cancellation? The answer is simple. Of course, powerful, with quality sound and a good cleaning of all external noise, allowing you to enjoy exactly the sound, not the noise of the city. The Japanese company Denon understands this and that’s why released headphones AH-GC20. Let’s see what happens.

The first thing you experience when you take headphones in hand, it is a nice feeling from a combination of leather, soft plastic and metal. All the joints and mechanisms are customized perfectly and have no play or creaking, which is quite predictable for a serious manufacturer.

The design is quite laconic, but in our time it is rather a plus, as many manufacturers are trying to think of something and something to surprise, but it is not always ends well.

In General, despite the brevity of the design, it looks quite stylish and neat. Headband is made of lightweight aluminium covered with soft leather for a comfortable fit on the head. Ear pads made of foam material, memory foam ear, that is pretty nice for long use. A folding mechanism makes it easy to remove the headphones in a special box that goes in the kit. Headphone weight is 275 grams, which is not so much and, in turn, contributes to the additional comfort when wearing.

The ear cups outer side is lined with a soft plastic with a silky texture, which is very nice. Colour earphone black, which is also quite advantageous to look in combination with aluminum structural members.

Except the Denon AH-GC20 includes:

  • Carrying case and pouch to store accessories
  • Cable for wired connection
  • Adapter to connect to the multimedia system in the plane
  • USB charging cable

Noise reduction headphones work very well, removing almost all types of low noise. For example, in transport isolation is almost one hundred percent even when you turn off the music. Well, if you turn it on, then you definitely will not hear any sound except your favorite tunes.

And the tunes sound very good. Low frequencies are reasonably well separated from the high that is especially well felt when listening to rock music. But “swing” these headphones are also capable. Stock volume is enough for everyone, and is unlikely to have to raise the volume level above 70 to 75 percent, even if you like when really loud.

The battery life Denon AH-GC20 is 20 hours and full charge time — 3 hours. However, even if the battery’s dead and recharge it anywhere, the music can continue to listen through the wire that goes in the kit.

General features Denon’s AH-GC20 is as follows:

  • Speaker size: 40 mm
  • NC active: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Leather headband: Yes
  • Suspended construction: lightweight aluminum
  • The ear cups: Rubber Finshed Plastic
  • Folding mechanism: Fold Flat & In
  • Detachable cable: Yes
  • Duration: up to 20 hours (the battery is empty and might listen to when connected via the wire)

A wired connection is carried out through the right earphone. There is also microUSB for charging and all the main controls. Access controls include volume button switch squelch control and joystick control the playback. The joystick is multifunctional. The deflection forward-backward switch songs, press responsible for stopping and playing music, long press for turn on/off the headphones and activate Bluetooth discovery mode. Left is only the button answer and reject phone call.

Telephone conversations, by the way, a very high quality. Largely due to the current system echo cancellation for noise reduction during a telephone conversation. Even in a noisy environment the connection quality is high enough for both of them.

In General, the Denon was even some good headphones that will appeal to fans of quality sound who often travel or just travel in public transport. After all, it was there in the first place need a good noise reduction system. But I personally, even in a quiet room, use headphones with noise-cancelling enabled, I like that better, at least in these headphones. Of course, some changes in the character of the sound made when you turn on the noise canceling, but they are insignificant, which is another merit of this Japanese company.

More with these headphones and other products of Denon you can see on the manufacturer’s website, and buy Denon AH-GC20 here.

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