Denon CEOL Carino — your personal audio system

What should be a computer audio system? Compact, with good sound, capable of turning your computer into a modern sound system. This is well understood in the company of Denon, where specially designed system for high quality music — CEOL Carino, who was in our newsroom.

It is not a simple audio system with weak columns, to which you are accustomed. CEOL Carino is equipped with full digital amplifier with a power output of 25 watts per channel. The system uses advanced DSP equalizer and powerful acoustics SC-N2, which are equipped with broadband speakers and passive bass radiator.

Design in the best traditions of technology from Denon. Full digital processing of sound, professional speaker terminals, connect the subwoofer with all this good you can collect a full 5.1 system that will be no worse than the expensive solutions. The latter is often inferior in performance and sound quality.

The system looks stylish and elegant — on the front panel there is a power button, a button for switching input source, wide sound and the Bluetooth radio. Here you can find a small display, scroll wheel for volume control, headphone Jack and other useful items.

What’s in the box? The audio system with two speakers with cable length of 1.5 meters, stand for CEOL Carino and columns, the device to rewind the cables (in the stands), remote control, USB cable for PC connection, power cable, and, of course, a brief user manual.

As an indicator of the input signal, you can use a USB-DAC (computer), ANALOG IN (connection through the audio cable) or Bluetooth. We tested all three modes, and it is worth noting that the sound wirelessly was not worse.


  • Rated output power: 2 x 20 W
  • Analog input: 20 Hz — 20 kHz
  • Number of channels: 2
  • Direct connection to PC via USB-B: Yes
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Power consumption: 15 W

Despite its small size and weight, it sounds CEOL Carino very notable. In addition, the system is equipped with quick pairing NFC and Bluetooth aptX for streaming content to CD quality. Due to its small size, the system can be set both horizontally and vertically.

OLED display shows input power source and the status of the amplifier. To expand the system, you can connect the subwoofer pre-out.

On the rear panel there is a place for the speaker terminals, switch optimization, analog audio input, digital audio input (USB DAC), connector for subwoofer and input connector for AC power. Nothing more, but at the same time, absolutely everything you need in this chic audio system.

And it’s not just our opinion — CEOL Carino has many reviews from satisfied users. In fact, when out of such a small sound system turns out high-quality sound, you just get surprised. And sound well as the low and high frequency: play the bass is a pleasure.

Simply connect the system to the computer to get their hands on one of the best accessories for any party. In its price segment CEOL Carino wins over the other. The only drawback, perhaps, is the front panel susceptible to fingerprints, but you can close your eyes. In the end, on your iPhone display prints much more.

It is noteworthy that due to the headphone you can enjoy your favorite tracks without disturbing others. The system is incredibly easy to install, no other settings are to need. Great “brain” for the audio system of your dreams.

Suggested retail price CEOL Carino is 14 990 rubles, to see the system in more detail on the manufacturer’s website.

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Clifton Nichols

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