Despite the weak start for 3 days XR iPhone bought in Apple online store

Over the weekend you can pre-order the iPhone XR with a delivery date of October 26. Today, October 23, the situation has changed ā€“ the delivery times increased to several weeks.

After a couple of days after opening pre-orders iPhone XR was still available for delivery in a week. The only exception to this were some models with 64 GB of memory. Now in the Apple online store when ordering “most affordable” iPhone shipping time has increased to 1-2 weeks, while individual models will be delivered only by November 12.

Renowned analyst gene Munster commented on the situation with pre-orders, saying that he still expects the iPhone XR will be the best selling iPhone over the next 12 months, while Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that the demand for the iPhone XR corresponds to the demand for the iPhone 8.

In addition, Kuo has changed his Outlook on iPhone XR, increasing the number of products sold from 33 million to 36 million.

Despite the fact that the delivery time iPhone XR online store increased to several weeks, Apple has a certain number of devices for sales in retail stores.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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