Developer: new Apple TV threatens popular consoles review

Last week, the computer games industry has picked up noticeably. Most are not related to the “games” people hardly think about the reasons, but the attentive reader may have guessed: at the last San Francisco the presentation, Apple showed a new generation Apple TV. What connects these two events actually?

Rumors that the next “Apple” of the console will pass Apple in a large game world, have been circulating for quite some time. Journalists attributed various, sometimes fantastic functions, however the reality was somewhat trivial: updated TV has got a remote control with a built-in accelerometer like that of the Nintendo Wii and the big screen showed a rather peculiar game Crossy Road, though with a new multiplayer mode. At first glance, not too promising for a potential “killer” PlayStation or Xbox, not a generation of gamers enjoying hits like Uncharted or — forgive the old fan legendary Halo series.

However, the potential of the new gadget in the gaming sphere is evident, so much so that in the environment of professionals are born curious doubt. As told to Forbes Jeff Smith, author of popular karaoke Smule program, and concurrently one of the first developers ON iOS, to write off a platform with accounts still very early. The main advantage here, in his view, is its focus on ease of development, which means (in theory) more interesting projects and even high quality. The key to success, as always, is unusual and, importantly, a simplified approach.

If you look at today’s market of video games, I immediately realize that the high barrier to entry formed by leading players like Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo, plays a decisive role here — he says. — To develop games for these platforms, you need to negotiate with each manufacturer, but all of these systems are proprietary. Apple, by releasing tvOS as a kind of iOS for consoles, offers significantly simplify the task. I think the influx of developers on the platform will be very significant.

Anyway, at this point I wouldn’t trade for TV (the game plan) even outlived my Xbox 360, however this is not associated with the problems of the device itself, and personal preference. The fact that among the variety of titles for iOS, your humble servant can remember is that the third part of N. O. V. A., SW: KOTOR Yes latest Asphalt other for one reason or another passed by. So far, the observed dominance of iOS platformers and other games with the “top view”, and this category of lover of FPS is clearly not impressive. However, the popularity of these and not only projects clearly demonstrates the willingness of the consumer to vote with their wallet, especially among the “mobile” toys often come across really quality stuff.

But the main thing here — a kind convergence of platforms, the best of two worlds, where it will be combined the advantages of iOS and the form factor of the familiar set-top box. Of course, the novelty may encounter problems, which failed to develop platforms like Quya, but if the idea will be quite interesting to break down prevailing among major publishers stereotypes, the balance of power in the market may be greatly affected by introducing new members and sending the rest of the old ones. And this Apple, as you know, is not new.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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