Developers continue to escape from the Mac App Store

Application developers for OS X don’t want to sell their products in the Mac App Store. This problem has appeared not yesterday, but it again surfaced at the hearing when it became known that the popular Sketch app no longer available in Apple’s app store. Instead, developers will be expected to sell the application, and on it they have a good reason.

We already talked about the problems that developers of professional applications you see in the App Store for iPad Pro. All the same problems as their main concerns and in the Mac App Store. Limitations of app store from Apple does not allow developers to sell paid upgrades, and this is important when it comes to applications for professionals. Also in the Mac App Store is not possible to provide the user with the app on free trial.

In addition, the developers are unhappy with the stability of the Mac App Store lately, and how much time you have to wait before users will be available every update. Even if you found a critical malfunction that developers can resolve in one day, users will have about a week to wait until the update passes the check and will appear in the Mac App Store.

Apple should spend serious work on the Mac App Store and how it works, but there is considerable doubt that the company is interested. Will continue to monitor the developments, while not all developers have escaped from the Apple app store.

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