Developers messenger Snaappy suggested Sobchak for the name of the son of 150 million rubles a year

The creators of messenger for iOS Snaappy invited Xenia Sobchak deal. The company is ready to pay the star to 150 million rubles a year, if she will name her newborn son, Snape.

“We saw this as an interesting opportunity to offer Xenia to cooperate with us. In this case, it is interesting to position your brand as a brand that engages people in communication as an Annex and outside. We want the son of Xenia were inside our brand, we want to do this not only at the level of a direct payment, but want to involve him inside our company to develop together with us”, ā€” told the radio station “Moscow speaking” PR Director Snaappy Roman Manuilov.

According to manuylova, in the case of consent Sobchak company is willing to make such payments to the age of her child. Previously, Burger King offered Sobchak called the son of Kingo for 100 million rubles a year.

“We want to participate with Burger King, to raise the stakes. We want to make the child a part of our organization, he will represent our company in the world. It will be part of our marketing campaign,” ā€” said Manuilov.

Snaappy was released on iOS in March of this year. Feature of messenger is that it allows real-time monitoring of a set of text from the keyboard to the interlocutor and to communicate with friends without actually sending them messages. Snaappy available on the iPhone and Apple Watch.

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Clifton Nichols

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