Development costs messenger for officials can be 30-60 million rubles

The Institute of development Internet (IRI), Ministry of communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation and OJSC “Rostelecom” announced the recruitment of the working group on “gomessenger”. On the first day of applications acceptance, the readiness to take part in it, said the developers of instant messengers as “Sibrus”, 4Talk, Staply. The task of the working group – to organize a testing messengers in departments and state-owned enterprises, and its results form the technical task for the “gomessenger, including the identification of possible solution cost. According to experts, the cost of developing a messenger for government agencies can be about 30-60 million rubles.

As reported in Comnews, applications are accepted until September 4, 2016, a call for applications was announced on Friday. It is noted that the working group will organize testing for the applications received before the end of their term of appointment.

“We see interest in the project. Today, the first day of publication of the invitation to developers of instant messengers, we have received several complaints. Readiness to participate in pilot projects Iran has already informed the developers of the messengers “Sibrus”, 4Talk, Staply”, – said the head of the press service of Iran Anton Troshin.

According to him, the process of developing technical specifications and testing of messengers in state agencies and state-owned enterprises will be free for the state. And the possible cost of the solution will be determined based on the test results and the formation of TK.

As reported in the IRI to participate in the working group and the test must send to the organization a motivation letter with description of the product, its current state and information about the company-developer. The results of the test will be drawn up the short list of the products applying for participation in tenders of the government.

As previously reported by “Kommersant”, in the area of responsibility of the Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation will include the examination of the compliance of the messenger with the certification requirements for use in government agencies and cryptographic protection. Testing of an Internet messenger according to the newspaper, can be entrusted with the administration of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous area, FSUE “Mail of Russia” and the Federal service of court enforcement officers of Russia (FSSP). According to Alexey Basov, gomessenger must support a hierarchical structure of the contact list within the Department and between departments. While the range of such products includes Slack, Titanium, Sibrus”, “Cube”, “Podium”, SyncCloud, “Multicut”, “Ale”, W-Task, “Агент” Telegram and 4Talk.

The expert of group of companies “Finam” Leonid Delitsyn estimates the amount of funds for the development of a messenger for government agencies in 30-60 mln.

“Here you can refer to the analogy with other specialized messengers, the development costs of which were announced in the press. In particular, the costs of developing Orthodox messenger was valued at $2 million, and to create a messenger for Buddhists “Kirsan needed $1 million.

“If the program itself can develop within six months a team of ten specialists, spending on the salary of one million rubles per month, will receive the sum of $200-300 thousand However, in the case of the state of the messenger can be a lot of additional work associated with the various certification, encryption, etc.,” added the analyst.

He did not rule out that the developers, in principle, can count on the income from support updates, special solutions on the basis of the messenger, he can, in his words, to lower the cost of the development.

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