Discounts up to 90%: may 30th in Russia will pass the all-Russian online-sale “Cyberpowerinc”

Russian stores has announced an extraordinary “cyber Monday” — the second time in 2016 may 30 will be day of sales. Participation in the sale have confirmed the largest online retailers in the country, we expect more than 300 participants.

For the first time “cyber Monday” will be held in Russia for the second time this year on may 30. Still “cyber Monday” was an annual event and was held at the end of January. The organizer of the upcoming day of sales — the largest online retailer of 220 Volts” in the DIY category. “From sellers with the start of summer begins a new season, and they need to “dump drains” — to sell the old collection of goods, and buyers in return can get the goods at a discount”, — explained the purpose of the “emergency” “Monday” Alexey Fedorov.

On the day of the promotion to purchase the goods at a discount cost will be on the website “black Friday” or “Yandex.Market. In this day low prices will be sold gadgets, appliances, food, clothes, accessories, cars and much more.

“The messenger” will offer a “cyber Monday” buyers more than 700 products with discounts up to 35%. Among the promotional goods are mainly accessories, admitted in the company. On the part of the gadgets may 30 will remain current discounts — for example, the “discount” for smartphones up to 35-40% compared to the beginning of April.

This year’s first Cyberpowerinc ” in Russia took place on 25 January. In last year’s event was attended by over 120 online stores. “On the day of the campaign on the websites of the participants was recorded growth in traffic from 40% to 450%. The number of orders on the day of the shares has grown an average of three to four times compared to regular day of January”,— reported in AKITA.

So, “the Messenger” as part of “cyber Monday” in 2015, has received more than 30,000 orders and the total turnover of sales within the key of the day the stock rose two times on regular days of January. In “M. Video” last year during the campaign the number of Internet orders grew by 57% compared to regular day of January, and the number of visitors to the site increased by 43%.

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