DJI introduced its most compact Spark drone for $499

Company DJI announced its new Quad Spark. New able the same as regular drones, but is compact.

DJI Spark length is only 14 inches, and a weight of 300 grams. A system of sensors and of the sensors allows the device to fall or collide with other objects. With the help of GPS and GLONASS, you control the drone on the map, accurate to 30 meters. Upon loss of signal the quadracopter back.

The DJI Spark makes things much easier to reduce its size. The camera can change the viewing angle of the image either up or down. Therefore, the camera cannot be rotated, you have to rotate the drone.

Camera DJI Spark got a sensor size 1/2,3 inches. She takes pictures with a resolution of 12 megapixels and shoots Full HD video at 30 frames per second.

Control the drone with your smartphone or tablet, as well as using a special remote control, but it is not included in the base set. Also the drone can follow and move with the pilot, and he can show a hand where to go. The drone is able to fly with the palm of your hand.

Flying a drone is long ā€” 16 minutes on a single charge at 20 km/h. But in sport mode DJI Spark accelerates to 50 km/h.

DJI Spark can be recharged from an external battery and any other power source via USB. Other quadcopters are not able to charge the battery ā€” it needs to be removed and separately connect to the power supply.

Basic kit DJI Spark costs $500, an extended set with additional battery, bag, charger station and remote control will cost $700.

Official DJI reseller in Russia has already opened pre-orders for the new product at a price of about 40 000.

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Clifton Nichols

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