Do you have AirPods worthy competitors?

AirPods headphones, released in December, significantly better than their competitors in the market. To such conclusion came the Explorer, 9to5Mac’s Jordan Kahn, who has tested the most popular models of wireless headsets. “Apple” product was not only cheaper counterparts, but much more practical and better in terms of sound design.

In-ear headphones, devoid of a wired connection existed on the market before the release of AirPods. But wireless devices Apple has reignited interest in this category of devices. The publication decided to compare the AirPods with the most popular models on the market: Sol Republic Amps Air ($179), Samsung Gear IconX ($199), Erato, Apollo 7 ($249), Skybuds Pearl ($199), Bragi The Headphone ($149) and some others.

To test the headphones there were some claims, particularly because of the dimensions, battery life, sound quality and inconvenience associated with touch the metal contacts with skin. Their main problem is a loose connection.

“Headphones Samsung and other manufacturers almost never automatically created to pair with the iPhone. Had to be turned on and off to mess with the Bluetooth settings are, for example, on your morning jog. With AirPods no such problems. You open the case, insert the earphones in your ears and start to listen to music,” writes Kahn.

The sound quality of AirPods was one of the best. At this rate with Apple headphones can be compared only to that model of Sol Republic.

“AirPods can not boast of perfect sound, however the sound they have enough elastic with a certain reserve volume. The bass and fullness of the sound pattern they can surpass, except that Amps Air from Sol Republic. But this was achieved by increasing the size of headphones. If you are expecting the wireless earbuds audiophile sound, is amazing for them,” the observer said.

According to the test results main rival AirPods Jordan Kahn considered headphones Samsung Gear IconX.

“What to choose, if you are not interested AirPods? If it must be a wireless model, you should look towards Samsung Gear IconX. These headphones to me and my friends seemed the most comfortable, they have a compact form factor and reasonable design. They are comfortable enough to wear thanks to the soft prorezinennogo body material, and small holders will protect your headphones from falling out. However, the charging contacts inside the headset may cause skin irritation with prolonged wearing, before buying you should check this point. Headphones sound not as bright as AirPods, sound quality and they definitely lose the competition”, – concluded the journalist.

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