Drag and drop feature in iOS 11 also runs on the iPhone [video]

IOS 11, Apple has paid special attention to the iPad, so the device can fully replace the users laptops. But as it turned out, some advanced features of the new OS will be available not only on tablets but on smartphones, although at the time of presentation, the company did not tell about this.

After the developers have been testing iOS 11, revealed some interesting details. For example, drag and drop “Drag and Drop”, allowing the iPad to easily transfer content from one window to another will work on the iPhone, but the implementation is a bit different.

Officially drag and drop in iOS 11 on iPhone works only within one application. For example, in the file Manager “Files” function will be useful for organizing the contents. It can also be used in the gallery or in applications working with documents.

11 iOS supports drag & drop on iPhone pic.twitter.com/DRte6fkPrg

— Dave Schukin (@schukin) 6 Jun 2017

In fact, the drag and drop feature you can use and between applications. A Twitter user under the name of Schukin has demonstrated the ability to transfer images from iMessage in the Notes. Whether there will be this functionality in the final version of iOS 11, is still unknown.

11 iOS available to developers from June 5 until the end of the month will be released a public beta of the new OS. Final Assembly for all users debuts this fall.

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