Dropbox limits automatically upload photos from your smartphone for free accounts

Dropbox decided to disable automatic download pictures from smartphone users for free accounts. This is stated in the official company blog. The change will take effect on July 22.

Dropbox indicates that the photos and videos users quickly occupy all the free space in the cloud. In order to continue to use the developers have offered to upgrade to a paid Dropbox Pro. Second option: install the Dropbox client on your personal computer and connect to the same account.

If the user does not fulfill one of these conditions, the following month, the auto upload to the cloud from your smartphone will stop working.

It’s not the only change Dropbox announced yesterday. On Wednesday, the company released a major update of the iPhone app includes a number of new tools. In particular, you can now scan the documents. The application considers the image as with a normal sheet of paper and napkins or the check.

In addition, right now with iPhone and iPad, you can create documents of Microsoft office Suite. They will be automatically saved to the cloud.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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