During the presentation of iPhone X failed unlock Face ID, but it was not a mistake

At the presentation of the iPhone X when Craig Federighi demonstrated the operation of the scanner Face ID, the smartphone didn’t recognize the person leading. It was not a mistake but a result of the security iOS.

Your password is required to enable the Face ID

When Federighi for the first time demonstrated the operation of the scanner face ID, the smartphone was required to enter a password. Many thought that the scanner was unable to identify the person and the phone asked to enter a password. Reviewing the presentation, the Verge found that the phone was rebooted and required a password to activate Face ID. By the way, the same thing happens with the Touch ID. All subsequent unlocking using Face ID was successful. Nevertheless, it was an awkward moment of the evening, which are likely to be long remembered.

September 12 Apple introduced the iPhone X, which is received edge-to-edge display. He has no Home button and controlled with gestures. Face ID is a new facial scanners, which was developed by Apple. With the help of special sensors and machine learning, it analyzes the user’s face to unlock happen as quickly as possible.

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