Durov launched Telegram analogue Instant Articles from Facebook and service for publications of the Telegraph notes

Telegram announced a big update client for mobile devices with iOS. The messenger of Pavel Durov introduced a feature similar to the Instant Articles in the social network Facebook, as well as its own note editor with multimedia content.

Service Instant View in Telegram allows you to instantly open links to web pages right in the app. To view content under the message you sent will appear on the corresponding button. While the messenger will work with sites of Medium and TechCrunch, but promises to increase their number. In the future the creators of Telegram want to cover the entire Internet.

Also appeared in the Telegram service for publications of texts called the Telegraph. The service is similar to a blogging platform and requires no registration. In recording you can include different content, such as videos or tweets. Editing the post is possible only with the device on which it was created.

The Telegraph records can be shared and viewed directly in the messenger through Instant View, or via the browser. To work in feature and no account of the Telegram.

In addition, the updated messenger Durov allows you to search messages in the conversations by date and hides the program window in the multitasking drawer when using the password.

Download the new version of Telegram Messenger from the App Store at this link.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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