Each glass step is a new Apple Store in Union square to cost Apple $33 333

A glass staircase at the new Apple store on Union square in San Francisco cost the company $1 million, or about $333 for 33 one step at a time, as the cost of the facade of the building was $10 million, according to documents published by PatentlyApple.

Update sprinkler system to cost Apple $2.28 million, solar energy installation on the roof of the building $800 000, and for the installation of canopy, the company paid $150 000.

The glass doors of the new Apple store go to Post street and Union square. The building is unique: it binds the most famous square of San Francisco c updated shopping center on the North side, forming a beautiful place for meetings and communication.

A list of the cost of a new Apple Store in San Francisco:

  • $2.28 million – the total cost of upgrading the sprinkler system.
  • $800 000 – the cost of a solar energy system on the roof.
  • $250 000 – the cost of internal and external frames of the building.
  • $150 000 – the cost of installing the canopy panels.
  • $100 000 – cost of the demolition of the old store.
  • $100 000 – seismic upgrades for the second floor and roof.
  • $82000 – the cost of installing the signs outside.
  • $50 000 – the cost of one handrail on the “floor six”
  • $50 000 – the value of the rack store.
  • $50 000 – the cost of structural supports for the wall.
  • $4000 – the cost of the fire alarm.

“At the weekend we learned from BuildZoom, the company received all the permissions for the new Apple Store, this Apple store has spent $24 million,” writes Patently Apple. From the published document it is difficult to fathom what the cost for 12-foot sliding glass doors outlets.

Here the Apple Store doors are opening pic.twitter.com/cOIoM1EChb

— Matthew Panzarino (@panzer) 19 may 2016

Initially, the Apple store in San Francisco opened on Stockton street in 2004, and it had about 100 employees. Since it was visited by over 20 million visitors. Here were the start of sales of the iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, Apple TV, Apple Watch and other products. By the time we move in Union square the number of employees exceeded 350 people.

New Apple Store opened its flagship doors to buyers on Saturday, may 21.

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