Eddy cue explained why the app “news” means so much to Apple

CNN Money continues to publish “canned” recording interviews with our senior Vice President of Apple Inc. software eddy cue. In Kew spoke about the company’s plans for further development of the app “news”, calling it a great opportunity for aspiring journalists to find their readers.

“We created this app, which, in our opinion, will be used by everyone. We really wanted to develop a truly universal app to reading news of any caliber, regardless of the subject. I think we managed to do that, because [“news”] look beautiful and functional, giving users the ability to receive information from all over the world,” said Eddie.

On the issue of income distribution q, rather evasively replied that the material component was not the main goal when creating the application. In his opinion, “news” are an excellent starting point for less popular publications, allowing them to find their audience and share their own content. However, it is known that journalists will receive 100% of revenue for advertising.

However Eddie explained that Apple is not going directly to pick up the publication for publications. “News” are, rather, the platform of a free press, a sort of island of independent journalists.

“[Selection of periodicals] was not in our plans initially, says Kew. — We try to focus on what we do best. Namely technology development. We believe that there is a huge army of great journalists, whom we want to support”.

Also in the interview they touched upon the further expansion of services and existing problems with the Chinese government. But Kyu assured that soon will be released a special version of the app for customers from the middle Kingdom, which will take into account all local legal requirements.

Full interview in the video you can see below:

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