Elevate: English, puzzle, memory training and much more in one app

What if you need to capture all the knowledge in the world, but reduce the clutter iPhone dozens of unnecessary programs you do not want? The choice is simple – download Elevate. This is the app that will help you to develop over a dozen new skills and does not violate the minimalism of your device.

Elevate is a collection of specific tasks which aim to teach the user various skills. This can be the development of memory, learning English, learning how to focus on their most important matters and to concentrate, etc. All training is conducted in the form of a game that simplifies the process of learning new material.

In free version it is possible to develop simultaneously three skills. Access to all 14 appears only after paying a subscription (month – 169 rubles, a year – 1449). However, it is not as necessary as it might seem: the free version of Elevate losing its positive qualities and fewer skills will help you better concentrate on mastering each of them. The application itself is built entirely in the English language and the obvious disadvantage for many may be the lack of the Russian design.

Most interesting, given the English-language application interface, may be learning English. The task of the user – held a variety of jobs, for example, to delete the phrase, the word, without which the meaning of the sentence will not change, or to read the text and try to memorize it well enough to then be able to lay down a pyramid of words that were used. As befits a game format, the job gradually becomes more complicated, as each received the word the pyramid moves faster.

Using Elevate, users can even learn how to correctly place punctuation in English sentences. However, without knowledge of mathematics with some objectives will be difficult to handle.

In addition, the user must monitor the amount of points he gains for the use of the program. So, taking exercise regularly, you can change the number of points: at the starting level 150, low academic performance, they fall, but at a high – rise. It allows you to visually see the statistics of their own results.

The app is available for free at this link.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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