Elgato Eve Degree: a “smart” device to measure temperature and humidity with support for Apple HomeKit

With the release of iOS 10, Apple launched the HomeKit platform ā€” control center smart home devices. With this development users can use iPhone and iPad to control the brightness of the light, to open and close doors, operate appliances and so much more. The company Elgato has unveiled a device with support for HomeKit, which allows you to measure the temperature and humidity indoors and outdoors.

Product called Eve Degree operates from a replaceable battery, which lasts for several months. On the screen it displays information about the current temperature and humidity, and with the help of Apple HomeKit, the gadget allows you to collect information about changing these parameters over time.

Elgato Eve Degree can be used not only at home: the body of the device protected from splashes (degree IPX3).

With the support of technology “smart home” Apple allows the sensor, for example, instruct the humidifier when the air becomes too dry or to signal a “smart” fan when the humidity gets too high.

The Eve Elgato series includes a set of devices for smart homes, including window sensors, sensors, thermostat, smart socket and more. All the gadgets you can control using your iPhone and iPad.

Sale Eve Degree will start next week at a price of about $ 70.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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