Elon Musk: Steve jobs was very harsh in his statements

In his quest to change the world and leave behind a – certainly important – the trail of Steve jobs often behaved extremely self-centered and even brazenly, Proslav a man of very severe nature. However, Steve’s widow Lauren Powell clearly would not agree with this statement, but the famous Elon Musk called the founder of Apple is clearly not devoid of flaws.

In a recent interview, CEO of Tesla Motors gave edition of GQ, he spoke about his only meeting with jobs, who became, according to many, a truly life-changing. It is remarkable that two geniuses of modern times, faced each other, and are unable to find a common language.

“I remember that moment – I mean our meeting with Steve – really, all I can say is its brutality. And this opinion was shared by everyone he ever met. Steve was deprived of a culture of communication, constantly interrupting [the interlocutor] in mid-sentence and not giving complete thought to the end. His favorite expressions were: “I’m sorry”, “be strong” [ … ] ” — said Musk.

However, despite the abusive behavior of Steve jobs, Elon chose not to take his words to heart. This right is confirmed by the numerous statements about the Mask of gratitude to Steve.

“To him, Steve got me Larry page at a party, explaining that jobs most likely doesn’t know who I am. But I’m not going to argue on this subject, I just told what happened with me,” said the CEO of Tesla Motors.

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