Energous and Apple working on wireless charging for iPhone with a range of 5 meters

The publication VentureBeat found confirmation of Apple’s agreement with Energous about working on wireless technology. According to some reports, the iPhone maker will have exclusive right to use the technology to charge mobile devices through the air on a distance up to 5 meters from the charger. A special chip from Energous that allows such wireless charging, has a small size, so no way will affect the size and appearance of the device.

It is worth not ing that Apple has not officially announced a partnership with Energous. However, the latter registered in the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA (SEC) the application with the following note: “We expect that our products and/or the reference design will conform to UL/CE and FCC part 15, FCC part 18, SAR, California Energy Star and Apple compliance checks”.

The assumption of the implementation of the “wireless charging the future” in the iPhone appeared in the beginning of last year, when it became known that Energous has signed an agreement with an unnamed company, which is described as one of the top five consumer electronics manufacturers in the world. Among the candidates singled out Apple, Samsung, HP, Microsoft and Hitachi. However, HP and Hitachi will not release smartphones Samsung produces its own processors, and the position of Microsoft in the smartphone market is so ambiguous that the only likely candidate left Apple.

Energous chip works with a special transmitter that can be placed anywhere in the room. Installing such a radio in the office or living room, you don’t have to worry that he forgot to put the mobile on charging, as iPhone charged constantly.

Energous is aiming to launch its technology in 2017. This means that the future iPhone 7s/8 can receive support wireless charging with a range of 5 meters.

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