Enthusiasts sawed iPhone 7… water [video]

On YouTube there was a channel Waterjet Channel, all of the content is based on the fact that enthusiasts have got access to a waterjet cutter and make it the right thing to cut things out of everyday items. The new roller is dedicated to high-tech sawing flagship smartphone Apple.

Virtuosos waterjet cutting were demonstrating the ir skill on the part of cutting into the most incredible things. They gutted most real gun, battery, SLR camera Canon, and now it came to the iPhone 7. In the role of cutter made by jet of water, which for multiple increase of cutting properties of added solid abrasive material (this is why a puddle of water around the camera dark).

That water can cut steel, ceramics, composite materials or in this case smartphone, the pressure of the column is adjusted to transcendent values — 4,000 atmospheres. So on the one hand, the water acquires the ability to cope with the most durable material, and on the other, delicately refers to the cut surface.

Internet users impressed by the unusual cutting of the iPhone 7. On the one hand, then load the Herostratus syndrome. Of course, the “Apple” phone, this is not the temple of Artemis in Ephesus, which have destroyed the vain Greek. But still the thing is dear, complicated and expensive to manufacture. And secondly, a fair impression on the audience made the finest piece of work: the cut in the shape of an Apple.

A record number of hits from the Waterjet Channel gathered the movie with the dismemberment of the camera. For three weeks the video was seen by about 10 million Internet users.

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