Enthusiasts tired of waiting for the new GTA for mobile devices and built it themselves

The team Impulse Gaming has released a small portion of GTA 5 for smartphones, unfortunately, only on Android. This was reported and put a link to download the apk file of your twitter-account insider Benjamin Gaskin.

The last time a game developer Grand Theft Auto series Rockstar has pleased fans of the series in 2013, bringing GTA San Andreas on iOS and Android. Since it’s been five years, and has heard absolutely nothing about mobile versions of GTA 4 (the age of which exceeded ten years), not to mention GTA 5. This is despite the fact that “four” with modern hardware will be able to pull not only the flagship, but the device of middle segment.

Ordinary users such relations Rockstar to consumers was not satisfied, and the guys from Impulse Gaming decided to start developing for smartphones and tablets port the fifth part of the most successful games of recent years.

File with a small piece of the game weighs less than 90 megabytes (we must remember that the full version on the PC took more than 60 GB) and offers users to assess the possible graphics, character control and the vehicle. We tested the game on Sony Xperia XA and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 and I can say that the high graphics settings, definitely not for these smartphones, but on low the game looks attractive.

Vegetation and the characters look decent, the shadows are smooth and sleek. There is a feeling that the developers have taken the textures from the original game, cut them according to chart for medium smartphones and inserted into this port. Of the minuses can be answered inaccurate actuation of the touch screen when you rotate the camera and, of course, is small at the moment, the map with the absence of almost everything that beautifies the world game full version.

Despite the fact that this is the earliest stage of development of the game, I want to believe that Impulse Gaming a little repeat of the acclaimed. In the best case, their development will notice Rockstar, will see the hype around the project enthusiast, come to their senses and give all fans of the series new part of the mobile Grand Theft Auto, which all takes so long.

Download the apk file with the game at this link.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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