Epic Games suing YouTube-blogger for selling cheats for Fortnite

As you know, Epic Games is constantly to identify and punish players in Fortnite that use cheats or a modified version of the game. Now the developer has filed a lawsuit against well-known YouTube-blogger Brandon Lucas (aka “Golden Modz”) and his friend Colton “Excentric” of the Conter for the use and sale of cheats.

Lucas, who has over 1.7 million subscribers, has allegedly violated the law on the protection of copyright in the digital age, posting videos of Fortnite game with cheats and selling tools for hacking the “battle Royal” through your web site. Conter charged that sometimes took part in these videos.

Brandon “Golden Modz” Lucas

Initially, Epic appealed to YouTube to remove several videos, and Lucas began to assert that he did not see in their actions anything illegal, and that other bloggers were doing the same thing in their videos.

If Epic Games can prove the guilt of bloggers in court, it can be very costly as Lucas and Kontera. The company’s lawyers want to ensure that the crooks “paid in full”. Also, the developer wants to notify all other cheaters that sell or advertise tools for hacking games that Epic Games is ready to sue everyone.

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