Epic is suing the TV star of dancing in Fortnite

It is no secret that Epic Games used a variety of dance styles in the game Fortnite, which was modelled on the real movements. Recently the developers because of this the problems started.

After just a few weeks after rapper 2 Milly has filed a lawsuit against Epic and 2K for the fact that the developers of the games, without permission, used his “signature dance” ā€“ Milly Rock, Alfonso Ribeiro has filed a lawsuit, accusing Fortnite copy the moves of Carlton banks from the TV series “the fresh Prince of Bel-air”.

Attorney Ribeiro said in an interview with TMZ that Epic used the signature dance, without asking permission or offering compensation. It is worth noting that the TV star owns the copyright to the dance.

The editors of Engadget have turned to Epic for review.

“The trial will depend on the will Ribeiro to file a lawsuit before the completion of the process of copyright protection. Despite this, there is no doubt that the movement in Fortnite is a copy of the Carlton dance. The game even uses music, reminiscent of the song of Tom Jones “It’s Not Unusual”. Two options ā€“ either pre-trial settlement of the conflict with the payment of compensation or a relatively short trial”.

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Clifton Nichols

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