Europe is experiencing difficulties in relations with the United States for unpaid taxes Apple

On 30 August the European Commission adopted a decision according to which the American computer electronics giant may have to pay Ireland a record €13 billion in taxes. The pressure of Europe on Apple caused difficulties in the relations with the American authorities, reports TASS.

The European Commissioner for competition Margrethe Vestager said about the “difference in understanding” with the Ministry of Finance of the USA on the background of tax violations by the American Apple.

According to Vestager, the European Commission (EC) and the U.S. Treasury “will continue to disagree with each other because of the different legal traditions.” The Commissioner expressed the hope that Europe and the United States will continue to make joint efforts to curb global practice of tax evasion.

Vestager also rejected criticism of the U.S. Treasury and explained that the EC decision is based on the rules of subsidy, which does not allow individual EU countries to enter into tax deals that are not available to other members of the regional Association.

Earlier Apple said that the decision of the European Commission will have “a strong and harmful impact on investment and job creation in Europe.” As pointed out by Business Insider, the company made clear to European politicians that the EU can receive either taxes or investments, but not both

Apple CEO Tim cook said that the decision of the European Commission “is unprecedented and has serious, far-reaching consequences”.

In late August, the European Commission has recognized the illegal state aid and tax benefits granted to Apple by the Irish government and ordered the company to pay the authorities of the Republic up to €13 billion In Cupertino said it will appeal.

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