Expectations from the Apple presentation that failed to materialize

In the October presentation, Apple showed a number of updated device ā€“ the iPad Pro, MacBook Air and Mac mini, but many people expected more from this event.

We have gathered 5 of the main expectations of users and analysts that Apple ignored in the presentation under the slogan “There’s more in creation”.

1. AirPower

Apple introduced a wireless charger AirPower in September last year together with iPhone X. Since then it has been 13 months, but the product never went on sale. Moreover, none of it did not mention the September presentation iPhone or at a press conference in Brooklyn on October 30.

A few months ago, the Corporation said that this accessory will be released by the end of this year. About it was also written in the manual for charging all iPhone 2018, but Apple did not disclose any details as to what caused the delay in release of AirPower.

2. iPad mini

Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo last week said that Apple is working on a new version of the iPad mini, but at the last presentation it was not out of the question. The company continues to release the iPad mini 4, although the device has not been updated in years and has outdated specifications.

On the other hand, if Kuo is right, updated iPad mini could launch in the coming months, or at least in the spring of 2019.

3. AirPods

Apple presented its wireless headphones in 2016, and many people were hoping to see a new model at an event in Brooklyn. That the company is working on AirPods 2 rumors appeared in the beginning of the year, and at the September presentation Apple patiserie wireless headphones with voice commands. Case AirPods with the function of wireless charging was presented a year ago, but as AirPower, not on sale.

4. Mac Pro

Apple has made it clear that he continues to work on the next generation Mac Pro in the spring of this year, but most likely, the device will be released in 2019.

5. Music products

When Apple announced that the event will be held at the Brooklyn Academy of music, not in the headquarters of the Corporation, many thought it was a hint to the product associated with the music. For example, Apple could introduce the iPad version of the app for audio Logic Pro, but this was not to happen. The only musical part of the October event was a performance by Lana Del Rey.

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