Face ID can be used from the age of 13

Developers building app for kids under 13 will have to forget about introducing Face ID as a method of authorization.

After the presentation of iPhone X with 3D face scanner, Apple has published a new list of rules for developers. In it, the company warns that it will not flow into the AppStore apps for kids authorization through a Face ID.

Developers will have to come up with another method of authentication.

The issue of security Face ID bothers many users. Recently, the Senator of the US democratic party, al Franken turned to Apple in an open letter and asked the company to explain how Face ID protects users ‘ biometric data.

Despite the fact that all data obtained by the scanner is stored on the iPhone, it is quite logical that Apple is trying to protect yourself from possible problems in case of usage of scanner children.

Probably talking about the Federal law on protection of personal data of children under the age of 13. Because of it children under this age are unable to register themselves in social networks, create a Google account to use AppStore.

Technology Face ID was presented together with the iPhone X on September 12, “the Theatre of Steve jobs”. In addition to the new smartphone, Apple revealed the Apple Watch and third-generation Apple TV 4K.

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