Facebook is developing flexible robots that move and act like living organisms

At Facebook there are several open positions for graduate students in the field of soft robotics. New employees need to create robots that move and act like real animals.

According to Business Insider, Facebook for 2018 hired graduate students to conduct research in the field of soft robotics. The company continues to look for employees for this industry.

Soft robotics is an experimental area of robotics that focuses on creating robots based on biology rather than the traditional method, when the machine is created of iron. Using a new generation of materials and pilot projects, today’s prototype may resemble worms and mollusks. They also bend and can adapt to the real conditions.

What kind of research is carried out by Facebook is unknown. A company representative did not respond to a request by Business Insider.

Currently, Facebook opened three jobs related to soft robotics. The company is looking for people with experience in the field of bioengineering, mechanical engineering, robotics, and materials science “for the development of soft robotic systems of the next generation research center in Redmond”.

Chief scientific officer of Facebook, has previously said that the company invests a lot of money into robotics, because in the future human labor can be replaced by machine. In addition, the direction of soft robotics, in theory, more commercially successful, since such robots are more dexterous and plastic. This is especially important in medicine and rescue operations.

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