Facebook launched instant video messaging in Facebook Messenger

Social network Facebook introduced a new feature “instant video messaging” in the app Facebook Messenger. It allows users to run live directly in the chat. Innovation is available in the latest version of Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android.

In Facebook I believe that video has become an integral part of our lives, and therefore decided to allow users on the move can establish a video call with your friends and family. Facebook Messenger already allows you to make video calls, but now users can able video.

Unlike the usual Instant Video from video calling is that this option allows you to broadcast directly in an open conversation. To do this, just click on the relevant icon in the upper right corner. The window with the image will appear on top of correspondence, which will be free to continue. By default, the sound will be off, although if you want you can at any time enable.

According to the developers, video messaging will be relevant in situations where users want to quickly share important information with loved ones or see their reaction to your message.

Video messages were made available in the latest version of Facebook Messenger. In the near future will be the global launch functions.

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