Facebook released a new iOS app Lifestage

Facebook introduced a new application Lifestage — analogue Snapchat for Teens. The program is available on the Apple smartphones that allows users to share short videos and photos with friends.

Lifestage was created for communication of students with each other and instead uses the images of a series of rollers profile — users record a video to show what they like and don’t like, who are their friends, Pets and beloved.”

Profiles Lifestage, in contrast to the standard combination of photos and short text in these applications consist of a series of self-portraits and videos, which describe the user preferences — from musical tastes to favorite pastimes.

To show the updated user profile, Lifestage uses the system Emoji. Numbers next to a username reflect how much percent completed profile. The application does not provide any features for direct messaging.

Despite the fact that interface elements are reminiscent of Snapchat, the developers say was inspired by the screenshots of the Facebook of 2004. Then the emphasis in the design of the profiles were made on the information that the users filled out about their schools, relationships, preferences.

The ability to Lifestage is available to all American students. However, their accounts are not linked to social network Facebook. For starters, communication is only necessary that the service was registered at least 20 users from the same school, after which they can correspond among themselves.

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