Facebook said that the recent hacking has not affected third-party applications

The problem is that hackers could gain access to applications for registration used account Facebook. Vice President of product management for the company guy Rosen assured users that there is no reason to worry.

“Have we eliminated the vulnerability, discovered last week, and lost access to accounts of 90 million users. The output of the accounts also meant the exit of the application, which allows to use Facebook login for authorization,” said guy.

He also said that the company was checking the logs of all third-party apps that users are used account Facebook during the attack. The investigation did not reveal any attempts of an attacker to access data from these programs.

Rosen again apologized to all victims for the incident and promised that the company will notify the audience about any progress in the investigation.

So far nothing is known about those who could hack the scale to one of the largest social networks. However, while this event is not delivered to the users so many problems, as it could be.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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