Facebook was accused in the transfer of user phone numbers to third parties

Company Facebook gave advertisers the phone numbers of its users. About it reports information portal Gizmodo, citing researchers at Princeton and northeastern universities.

Scientists conducted a study and found that Facebook displays ads on the phone number that the user has provided in order to protect your profile: for two-factor authentication to your profile or notifications when entering into the account from other devices or from another country.

It is assumed that Facebook could use for its own purposes even those telephone numbers that the user is not tied to the page. So, according to the researchers, these numbers can be used through other people, provided that this number is in their contacts list. Scientists also believe that Facebook can obtain the telephone numbers that the user is not tied to your account, via other users. This method is possible if his number (which Facebook supposedly does not know) was in the phonebook of another user providing the social network access to their contacts.

For comments journalists Gizmodo addressed directly to the representatives of Facebook. Those confirmed to the paper that social uses are provided for additional protection of users ‘ phone numbers, but only for improvements and modernization of the system of personalized advertising.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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