Facebook will allow you to delete sent messages “all”

Earlier this year Facebook admitted that the company secretly removed some old messages sent by founder and CEO mark Zuckerberg. This aroused the indignation of ordinary users of the social network, in the absence of such a function for all, but the company representatives said that soon it will appear.

In April of this year, Facebook said it plans to introduce a feature to “unsend” (canceling sent messages) to everyone but have no dates and details regarding the innovations. Last week, the journalists of the portal TechCrunch noticed this feature in the mobile version of the application.

Jane Wong published on Twitter, the screenshots of the function “unsend” in Messenger app for Android. When editing a sent message on the option “Delete message” appears “Cancel sent message”. If you select this option, a popup window will appear containing the text: “the Message will be deleted from the chat and you,” (that is all). Wong also said that it will be possible to set the time to cancel a sent message, similar to the functionality of Gmail that gives you 30 seconds after sending the letter to cancel.

The press Secretary confirmed Facebook edition of TechCrunch that “Facebook is currently conducting internal testing of products and features, before distributing them to the masses”.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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