Famous five: best accessories for new Apple TV

It is no secret that even the best technique can be made even better with the help of different supplements. New Apple TV recently introduced by cupertinos, was no exception, and your attention is invited to the set of interesting pieces that will make her (and not only) the use of more comfortable.

First on the hit parade is a very unexpected thing. While the power cord and branded Lightning cable included in the package, to display an image from the gadget to the TV will need your own HDMI cable. The latter can be purchased at almost any electronics store, but you should pay attention to characteristics such as compatibility with HDMI 1.4 and support for 3D and 4K video.

The following participant became totally rebellious thing from the famous gaming peripherals manufacturer Mad Catz. The controller called C. T. R. L. i Mobile Gamepad certified Made For iPhone and will fully disclose the potential inherent in a new console using the support of apps from the App Store. The accessory is equipped with analog sticks and triggers, a classic set of buttons and a special control D-Pad, sensitive to velocity. All this conveniently connects to TV via Bluetooth and is powered by two AAA batteries, which no one bothers to replace the batteries. Of course, the controller supports devices on iOS for iPod or iPhone, they can be fixed directly on the body for a comfortable game. With Mobile Gamepad comes branded companion app that help monitor the battery charge or upgrade the device software.

To purchase this miracle of overseas technics, manufactured in various colors, as you can in local shops, and on the Western trading platforms like Amazon. It is the largest Internet retailer delivers the gadget in Russia and the price in both cases is about 70 dollars.

Number three in the list is suitable for those who are quite happy with gaming capabilities Siri Remote and wants to protect him from falls, are not uncommon in the midst of some hot battles. Savvy developers offer to fix the strap using the Lightning connector, and the wrist fastening is conveniently adjusts to your wrist. Buy a accessory on the official Apple website for 1190 rubles.

We all know that electronics manufacturers earn great merchandise. In the case of Siri Remote its damage or loss will cost as much as 6490 rubles when ordering from the Apple store, and craftsmen from Studio Neat visited is a simple but unusual idea to use a separate stand. Thanks attached to the bottom of a curious accessory suction Cup does not slide on the table surface, and also boasts quality performance and just looks cool with the interior. Perhaps the only negative here is the cost, although taking into account the applied material (lacquered wood), handmade and pictures of the new $ 12 Remote did not look like a bust. Unfortunately, for shipping to Russia from Studio Neat store will have to pay the same amount.

Completes makeshift chart very interesting device. Whatever you say, but even such an advanced voice assistant, Siri, will not be able to fully replace the keyboard, and Logitech offers an excellent solution. Model number K480 operates via Bluetooth and is equipped with a unique wheel to switch between the three connected devices, and fastening in the upper part of the body is able to simultaneously hold the iPhone and iPad in a convenient eye position. Not a secret that I have always loved the products from this manufacturer (for example, I’ve been using a mouse from Logitech) and I think this device is most practical in this review. In addition to TV, the keyboard works perfectly with both Mac and PC, which the keys have dual markings, as well as gadgets based on Android. The average price is about two and a half thousand rubles, this is the case, when the ratio of price, quality and even design may be one of the best in the segment. Finally, as K looks in action.

By the way, it would be interesting to know what accessories are preferred by our readers, it is not only about Apple TV, and other Apple gadgets. But if you have already decided to buy a new console, I hope that this short review will help to determine the primary choice. Pleasant viewing!

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