Fan iPhone called 8 reasons why he decided to switch to Google Pixel

Which is better, iPhone or the new flagship phone the Google Pixel? Most Apple users hardly consider the options, but there are those who deigned to question the infallibility of the iPhone. Expert in consumer electronics Anthony villas-Boas compared the Pixel XL with its iPhone 6 and came to the conclusion ā€” at some points Google is better. Ain brings the story of a fan of Apple, which explained why he was thinking about switching to Android.

I used the Google Pixel XL in a few weeks, and he’s demonstrated what are the key functions of the iPhone blatantly lacking. Note that all described here is subjective. The iPhone has some great features not found in the Pixel, and the Apple ecosystem in itself worthy of mention. But, hell, Pixel good.

Also note that I compare Pixel XL with my old iPhone 6s and not iPhone 7. Because the 6s Plus I used the last 9 months. Although the iPhone 6s Plus, in General, is not much different from the iPhone 7. Performance both phones are about the same, and camera in sevens is not as important as the availability of some very useful features in Pixel.

Below are eight reasons why, in my opinion, Pixel is better than iPhone.

1. Pixel easier

My iPhone 6 Plus weighs 192 grams, which never, however, did not bother me until I held in the hands of Google Pixel XL (168 grams). iPhone 7 Plus is slightly lighter than the iPhone 6 Plus, and weighs 188 g, but compared to the Pixel seven, in my opinion, too heavy.

Easy Pixel does not affect its reliability, but in the hands it is easier to keep.

2. Screen Pixel is fascinating

On pictures Pixel XL and iPhone 6s Plus demonstrate one and the same picture at maximum brightness (by the way, it is removed on the Pixel). LCD screen in the iPhone is decent, but the colors are pale and the contrast is not very pronounced if compared with AMOLED-display Pixel.

Design Pixel utilitarian rather than beautiful, but its amazing AMOLED screen dwarfs the Retina display in the iPhone. The iPhone 7 Plus good screen 1080p, but the screen Pixel on 1440p is the best. On AMOLED screen the image looks better. Photos, videos and notifications from apps pop up into the inky black background that looks very cool.

3. Pixel easier to hold in the hands

I hate the bumpers on the phone, but I had to use this on your iPhone. Although metal iPhone case beautiful and elegant, it is too smooth and can easily slip out of your hands, that will certainly lead to the broken screen.

Glass panel Pixel is not so graceful (in white color it looks better), but behind it is a rough area, which makes the seizure of the phone much more convenient and reliable.

4. Fast charging

Earlier on the channel SuperSaf TV tested the charging speed of the Pixel XL, the iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy S7 Edge native chargers. Pixel XL to charge to 100% in just over two hours, and the iPhone 7 Plus during this time, barely crossed the threshold of 72%. Although the leader was the Galaxy S7, which is fully charged in just 1 hour and 29 minutes.

The ability to quickly recharge is quite important. Thanks to the fast USB-C charging, the Pixel is better than iPhone. And this was the most difficult when I went back to Apple’s smartphone.

5. I can speed up Pixel

Can I customize Android so that it runs faster than iOS by turning off some or all animations when opening apps and switching between screens. In iOS you can’t control the animation.

6. Have Pixel battery lives longer, thanks to Android

Function Doze on Android extremely effective. It miraculously relieves strain on the battery Pixel when I don’t use, unlike iOS on my iPhone.

7. Pixel significantly smaller, but the screen size is the same

The difference seems to be insignificant, but it is and it is noticeable when you are more or less regularly use the device. As to the ratio of the total size to the screen size, the iPhone is far behind (67,7%) of the Pixel XL (71.2 percent).

8. The wide capabilities of Android

Apple still has not figured out how to show me notifications on iOS as well as Android. On the lock screen in Android to manage them easier ā€” just one swipe. And iOS to clear the screen from the notification, the right swipe+tap. And on Android I get notifications of more information than on iOS, which is not very much shows.

And if you notice work better on Android. For example, if I read the message in Hangouts on a computer, Android will automatically clean the appropriate notifications to the Pixel, and on the iPhone they hang up until I will not clean them manually.

Also on iOS it’s impossible to quickly call up the panel settings to, for example, increase the brightness of the screen when typing. On Android I just do a swipe from top to bottom and immediately get access to the most important settings from any app, the keyboard is active or not.

And in the Pixel there is a universal back key, which returns you to the previous open screen or page. And it is extremely convenient, because it is always in the same place. IOS return key on different screens and applications may be located in different places.

And there’s this nuance of customization, thanks to which we can hold and organize apps on the home screen, and even to hide them ā€” a classic advantage of Android since the release.

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