Fan of Android called 7 benefits of the flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on the iPhone 6s

Samsung has always focused on the technical characteristics of their devices and a new flagship, the Galaxy Note 7 absorbed all the latest achievements of the South Korean technology. Here and waterproof housing, and the scanner of the iris, and “smart” stylus. According to the author of a thematic portal BGR Zach Apsana compare the new flagship smartphone of Apple, there are at least seven points on which 7 beats Galaxy Note competitor.

1. S Pen

Galaxy Note 7 is equipped with a stylus S Pen, which became waterproof and has a better sensitivity, faster response times, and small tip which is in size close to a standard ballpoint pen. Advanced feather enables you to perform tasks faster. For example, you can create GIF animation using the function “Select” save and translate any text or image to increase the usual touch. With a stylus you can also mix different colors, to quickly switch between the brushes.

2. Dustproof and waterproof housing

Galaxy Note 7 following the seventh generation smartphone in the line of Galaxy S7 back to basics: just like the Galaxy S5, the device has protection from moisture and dust, which can boast, for example, the flagship smartphones Sony. Degree of protection according to the international classification IP68. This means that Korean is completely protected against ingress of dust and can without consequences be immersed in water to a depth of 1 m. Thanks to this device you can safely take with you on vacation and not be afraid of the rainy weather.

3. Camera

Resolution main camera of the iPhone 6s and Galaxy Note 7 is 12 megapixels. In this parameter the flagships of Apple and Samsung are at the same level. But aperture cameras the iPhone 6s/6s Plus – ƒ/2.2, and the Galaxy Note 7 – ƒ/1.7. The diameter of the aperture regulates the amount of light entering the matrix. Talking about the camera Galaxy Note 7, Samsung stated that the pixels in the sensor is 30% bigger than the iPhone 6s Plus. The pixel size of Korean vehicles – 1.22 micron, the us and 1.4 microns.

In Samsung talking about high precision autofocus, combined with high speed. Function is implemented due to the technology of Dual Pixel familiar, for example, on Canon cameras. In addition, the device uses a module of its own design BRITECELL. Physically, the matrix has a resolution of 24 megapixels, but the output image is formed as twice the smaller, neighboring pixels are combined to improve the sharpness of the image.

4. Larger and more clear display

About the advantages and disadvantages of AMOLED and LCD, you can talk for a long time. If we leave aside the technology directly and to consider other parameters of the displays, the Samsung was ahead. Display IPS LCD 4.7-inch iPhone 6s has a resolution of 1334 × 750 pixels (326ppi) and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus – 1920 x 1080 pixels (401 ppi). At that time, as a screen 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 7 is made by technology Super AMOLED and boasts a higher resolution and pixel density per inch, 2560 × 1440, 518 ppi. Experts DisplayMate called it the best in the industry.

5. Memory card support

As summer Galaxy S7 flagship of Samsung supports Micro SD memory card that makes it easy to share your phone data with your computer, making it faster and more productive. In addition, if necessary, available capacity gigabytes expands, opening up more possibilities for storage of necessary information. The declared maximum size of maps is 256 GB.

6. Protected folder

To protect data on mobile added two new features – Protected folder and Samsung Pass. In the folder, you can store photos, videos, and apps that contain information about payments.

7. Battery

Compared to the predecessor Galaxy Note 7 has received more capacious battery 3500 mAh. The same parameter of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus – 1715 and 2750 mAh. It is understood, however, that the device is always a combination of factors, in particular, stability and optimization, quality of components, the power consumption of the screen. To consider working in isolation from these parameters is difficult, and sometimes impossible.

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