Fans prefer to steal Apple Pencil, instead of buying it

The recent announcement of Apple about supply disruptions in the smart stylus Pencil, wishing to acquire his react without proper understanding. According to the statements BusinessInsider, pen for iPad Pro is the most vulnerable to theft of the subject from a range of Apple Store.

Brand accessory with a number of non-trivial opportunity cost 7 790 rubles was a very desirable gadget among the users of the 12.9-inch Apple tablet, though for lack of opportunities to buy feather true fans prefer to steal loose demo instance.

Apparently, the theft of dishonest customers pushes the negligent attitude of the staff Apple Store. If you believe the evidence posted on Twitter, the consultants do not care about the preservation of corporate property, fearlessly leaving visitors alone with demostrative.

It is noteworthy that some thieves also very calm and quite openly blaming lying on the table next to the iPad Pro Pencil in his pocket, and then just leave. Eyewitnesses to the event were dozens of visitors to Apple Store, which did not fail “tweet” about it by running word of mouth. Perhaps, in order to prevent further theft, employees of retail stores have come up with some kind of alarm or safety wire. Otherwise the freebies will rush to take advantage of a growing number of fans.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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